End of the Pier Show - Thanks to LED on a Central System

BembridgeThe Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI)at Bembridge on the Isle of Wight have illuminated the long walkway to the Life Boat Station with 3 watt 'orientation' LED's mounted in the side rails. Poselco Lighting supplied the 150 watt Mini Static Inverters which has enabled every other LED to be lit for 3-hours in the event of a complete mains failure. The Mini Static Inverters will easily power up to 25 No. 3 watt luminaires and being 230 volt AC they can be installed some distance from the light source heads....perfect in a situation such as the Bembridge walkway. The installing electrician was able to wire the enclosures in a plant room at one end of the pier.

The mini static inverter comprises a battery, battery charger, static inverter and SIM240 changeover relay. Under normal mains healthy conditions the battery is float charged by the battery charger to ensure that it remains fully charged in readiness for a mains fail situation. The SIM240 relay is energised and if there is no Mini Static Invertersupply connected to the switched live input terminal then there is no output from the unit (NON-MAINTAINED OPERATION). If a supply is connected to the switched live terminal (MAINTAINED OPERATION) then there will be a 230/240V supply at the load output terminals depending on the status of the switch, i.e. if the switch is open then there will be no supply on the load output terminals and if the switch is closed then a 230/240V supply will be present at the load output terminals. The live connection to the switched live terminal can also be a (permanent) unswitched live such that there will be a 230./240V supply present at the load output at all material times (this can be linked across from the unswitched live terminal, if required). An LED indicator is provided to indicate "MAINS PRESENT/CHARGER HEALTHY" and is located on the right hand side panel of the enclosure. When this LED is illuminated the mains input supply is healthy and the charger is operating. Should the LED be extinguished then this would indicate that there is no mains input supply or there is a charger/battery fault.

For more information on the Mini Static Inverter for LED's please call Poselco on 0044 (0)20 8813 0101 or email at

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