The Cutty Sark - A National Treasure

Cutty Sark 14-04-2012 011The Cutty Sark a tea clipper from the mid 19th Century has been an historic landmark in Greenwich East London for over fifty years. The devestating fire in 2006 nearly put paid to the magnificent vessel. An amazing restoration project has seen the Cutty Sark returned to its fomer glory and ERCO lighting commissioned by Poselco has aided both the overall look and intricate features of a much loved London icon.

The ship has been raised by 11 feet above the base of the dry dock enabling the public to walk under its hull. Over 80 floodlights controlled by the ERCO Light System DALI illuminate the brightly coloured hull and these along with other luminaires within the ship have all been commissioned by Poselco. In addition to the DALI commissioning, self contained emergency luminaires converted by Poselco are also in situ.

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