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Better TogetherShould lighting OEMs opt for self contained emergency lighting solutions?

A Caution for ConvertsConverting standard lumniaires for emergency use is common practice in the UK, but getting it wrong can have serious implications for installers and specifiers as well as converters

Canopy LightingRefurbishment, Replication and Reinvention offer the user an alternative to completely new lighting design makeovers.

ConversionsCliffe Tribe, Managing Director of Poselco Lighting, calls for greater recognition of the danger of poor emergency lighting conversions and clearer guidance for specifiers, installers and end users.

Hugh OgusHugh is Chairman of the Lighting Education Trust and a well known industry luminary.

SON or HQI?Most lighting applications requiring HID light sources usually come down to a choice between high-pressure sodium and metal halide lamps.

Cliffe Tribe of Poselco Lighting and Eddie Guest of GE Lighting state their opposing views on which represents the best choice.

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The Three R's (14 KB)
An alternative to new lighting design makeovers.
A Caution for Converts (671 KB)
Don't get your Conversions wrong!
Converting the converter ICEL 1004-2013 (91 KB)
Converting the converter ICEL 1004-2013