Lighting After Sales and Remedial Service

Lighting Repair & After SalesLighting After Sales as a Marketing Tool

Following up on potential problems when lighting luminaires and lighting control systems have already been sold and or installed is both difficult and costly in hard money and time spent. A lighting after sales facility however, can also be an effective marketing tool and if your client appreciates that you will 'own' the project even after the sale then he or she maybe more inclined to use your lighting products again. Poselco promote the lighting after sale firstly as a protective option with a brief to clear our client from any 'wrong doing'. We conduct ourselves in a truly professional and diplomatic manner.



After Sales - Lamp Diagnostics.Lighting After Sales - Diagnosics and Reporting

The Poselco Lighting Limited reporting structure is thorough with factual and dated accounts of all lighting after sales activity backed by digital images, test sheets from work shop checks and any component manufacturer comments. We will give advice on the best course of action to take and consider carefully the implications that may arise. We recognise that after sales can be a mighty headache when lots of lighting companies are present on a site. Poselco can offer an independent assessment of what's wrong and handle the information in as discrete a manner as possible. 



After Sales - WiringLighting After Sales - Site Rectification

Site rectification should always be the last option. It is far easier and quicker to make repairs within the confines of the work shop, ensuring a quicker response and with all guarantees that full British Standard testing provides. Poselco Lighting Limited only uses components from BS and ICEL Approved Suppliers such as Tridonic, Philips, Osram, Existalite, ELP and Saft Batteries. Only the most up to date and highest quality componentry is used. Our British Standards Scope covers the testing and repair of third party luminaires and additional warranties can be given based on the type of solution provided.



After Sales - Water Ingress in FloodlightLighting After Sales - Solutions

Expert handling of a lighting after sales issue can solve a myriad of problems for the beleaguered OEM, facility manager, owner or electrical contractor. Poselco Lighting is the Number One Company for outside tolerance Lighting After Sales.

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