Swansea Guildhall Phase 5 - A Heritage Lighting Refurbishment

Brangwyn Hall - Main HallThe Brangwyn Hall, famous as a venue for hosting such stars as Sir Tom Jones, Dame Shirley Bassey and Katherine Jenkins, commenced its total refurbishment (Phase 5) in July 2013. The Poselco Heritage Lighting Team will be on site from September 09, 2013 to remove, dismantle. log and store all the various components associated with 37 No. antique luminaires. Re-installation after full refurbishment and electrical re-engineering will be taking place in the late a spring of 2014.


This prestigious lighting re-engineering and refurbishment project is long in process and scheduled to last until the summer of 2013. It is complex and delicate, these heritage  luminaires have barely been touched in 100 years, but it is our intention to clean, rewire and fit digital interfaces to provide modern lighting control and emphasise contemporary energy efficiency methodology. The logistics are complicated not withstanding the fact that the site is in West Wales and Poselco Lighting is in London

Brangwyn Hall Entrance



A full account of proceedings will be available via the Poselco Lighting Blog. Please click here to link to the Blog: 





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